May 23, 2018
Leaside Leafs


Roster For Leaside Leafs:

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Team Manager: Matt Nailer
Team Coach: John Traiforos
Name Position Jersey # Bats / Throws
Bensette, Laaren P   14   R/R  
Bet-Payumo, Averey 1B, 3B   19   R/R  
Coatsworth, Brook P   22   R/R  
Fishbaum, Jesse OF   -   R/R  
Frugoni, Jorge P   55   R/R  
Goodale, Chris P   50   R/R  
Gruchy, Jeff OF, IF   15   L/R  
Hopkins, Jay C   20   L/R  
Howsam, Josh P   45   R/R  
Jacques, Liam P   2   R/R  
Kavanaugh, Sean P   47   R/R  
Kelcher-McConnell, Zac DH   -   L/R  
Koffman, Noah SS, IF   5   L/R  
Kristenbrun, Kyle OF   17   L/L  
Lekas, Jamie IF, OF   7   R/R  
Loizides, Mike OF   42   R/R  
Machete, Chris P   -   R/R  
MacNeil, Ryan OF   -   R/R  
Manoukarakis, Nick IF   10   L/R  
Morales, Andrew P   4   R/R  
Mosbaugh, Lee P, OF   26   R/L  
Skelton, Travis CF   25   R/R  
Sucre, Jeremiah P, IF   -   R/R  
Tamburro, Brandon P, 1B   -   R/R  
Tomlinson, Mark P   29   R/L  
Yap, Henry 2B, IF   18   R/R  
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