July 21, 2024

Official Constitution And Bylaws Of The Greater Toronto Baseball League

Edited and updated for the 2023 season.
Article 1: Name and Affiliation
  1. The name of the league shall be the GREATER TORONTO BASEBALL LEAGUE (GTBL), herein after referred to as “The League”.
  2. The league shall be affiliated with the governing body of the Metro area, the TBA, through which it will also be affiliated with the Ontario and Canadian governing bodies that succeed the Metro area.
Article 2: Objectives
Article 3: Membership
Article 4: Meetings
Article 5: Executive Officers of the League
Article 6: Duties of the League Executive Officers
Article 7: Voting Rights
Article 8: Annual Meeting
Article 9: League Playoffs
Article 10: Disciplinary Code- Players
Article 11: Disciplinary Code- Managers and Coaches

Official Bylaws Of The GTBL

Bylaw 1: Fees
  1. Each affiliated member team shall pay their annual league fees in TOTAL, by July 1st of the current season. Any team that is in violation of this bylaw and in default of the payment, will default all scheduled games, will be suspended from the playoffs, and lose affiliation rights until they comply and the money is received by the league Treasurer.
  2. Each affiliated member team must have a performance bond on deposit with the league at all times. The current fee per team, to be considered “in good standing”, is two hundred dollars. This money will be used to reimburse defaulted game costs, and or constitutional infractions. All expenditures from this money will be handled by the league Treasurer, and the offending team will re-establish the full amount of its bond upon notification by the President.
  3. Each team will pay an annual fee to the league statistician/website administrator. Fee will include, league roster approval and processing, posting of all team results, stats and player profiles to the league website, photograph of all rostered players for league website, awards tabulation and arranging/presentation of league trophies, and all website/Facebook live responsibilities.
  4. Teams using an umpire administrator, are also subject to an annual fee. Fee includes all booking, and arranging of umpires for the regular season and playoffs.
Bylaw 2: Rosters and Player Signings
Bylaw 3: Playing Rules
Bylaw 4: Protests, Appeals and Fines
Bylaw 5: Game Conditions
Bylaw 6: Players From a Lower Age Series
Bylaw 7: League Standings
Bylaw 8: Statistics and Reporting Responsibilities
Bylaw 9: General Information
Updated and re-confirmed by Nolan Revin, GTBL President 2023

League Standings

Newmarket 11 2 0
Kendal 8 6 0
Leaside 8 8 0
East York 8 10 1
Thornhill 7 10 0
Ajax 4 10 1

Latest Scores

Matchup Result
Thornhill vs.
East York vs.
Kendal vs.
East York vs.
Leaside vs.
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Mon Jul 22, 7:30 pm
@ Ajax Sports Plex
Mon Jul 22, 7:30 pm
@ Stan Wadlow Park
Tue Jul 23, 7:30 pm
@ Newmarket Fairgrounds
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