April 23, 2019
Kendal Eagles

Roster For Kendal Eagles:

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Team Manager: Chad Maartense
Email: chadmaartense@gmail.com
Team Coach: Ron Davis and Mark Foster
Name Position Jersey # Bats / Throws
Cawker, Sam C, DH   -   L/R  
Clay, Lars P   23   L/R  
D'Amico, Jordan 3B, OF   -   L/R  
Davis, Ryan 3B, SS   22   R/R  
deBoer, Ben IF, C   12   R/R  
Foster, Chad OF   19   R/R  
Gimblett, Tyson OF, DH   7   L/R  
Harkness, Brodie P, OF   21   R/L  
Harrison, Cody OF, DH   43   L/R  
MacDonald, Matt P   77   R/R  
Norris, Ryan P   13   R/R  
Porter, Chase P   -   L/R  
Robinson, Corey OF, P   28   R/L  
Robinson, Tyson C   27   L/R  
Searle, Kyle OF, 2B   15   L/R  
Sharp, Owen P   32   L/R  
Stewart, Logan 3B, 2B, P   95   L/R  
Stone, Dawson OF   9   R/R  
Stone, Nick OF, DH   8   R/R  
Turner, Brady P   -   L/R  
Walters, Logan SS   10   L/R  
Whelan, Riley P, 2B   2   R/R  
Wilbur, Mitch 1B, DH   25   R/R  
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