February 17, 2019
Martingrove Sox

Roster For Martingrove Sox:

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Team Manager: Scot Angus
Email: rsangus@rogers.com
Team Coach: Anand Puran
Name Position Jersey # Bats / Throws
Angus, Scot IF, C, OF   19   R/R  
Bannon, Mike P, IF   -   R/L  
Barnes, O'Neil P, OF   14   L/L  
Bautista-Chan, Ellison IF   1   B/R  
Birnberg, Daniel OF   58   R/R  
Blair-Brown, Matthew OF, P   7   R/R  
Brugel, Andrew DH, OF   34   R/R  
Buck, Scott OF, C   20   L/R  
Burke, Harry P   66   L/R  
Cultrera, J.P. C, P   23   R/R  
Frydman, Adam P, OF   15   L/L  
Gott, Chris P, 1B   12   R/R  
Gott, Peter OF, P   -   R/R  
Gott, Robert OF, 3B   -   R/R  
LeBlanc, Tyler IF, OF, P   2   R/R  
Malik, Naser IF   3   R/R  
Miller, Steven 3B   9   R/R  
Morris, Aaron C, IF   6   R/R  
Nakamura, Tyler CF   14   R/R  
O'Brodovich, Adam P, OF, IF   21   L/R  
Parks, Dawson OF   40   R/R  
Peluso, Matt C, P, 1B   28   R/R  
Perry, Duncan LF, P   24   R/R  
Pilat, David P   -   R/R  
Puran, Anand OF, 3B   29   R/R  
Ranalli, Stephen SS, 3B   10   L/R  
Rao, Zubin P, IF   91   R/R  
Roncadin, Steve P, IF   11   L/R  
Saunders, Sydney OF   16   R/R  
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